Tips For NADA Convention

Another year, another NADA show.  Time flies doesn’t it? As you prepare to hit Vegas and visit the convention, keep these tips in mind to get the most of your experience.

1.      No Pain No Gain Does Not Apply Here

You will be walking. A lot. So don’t wear shoes because they look good; wear the shoes that feel good. Trust us on this. Your feet will thank you.

2.      Plan Ahead

Sure procrastinating is easier but this is one time you shouldn’t do it. Know who is coming to the show and take the time to determine which of those you want to see. Plotting where they are on the map will help you develop the most efficient route. While planning, don’t forget to make arrangements to get to the convention and home.

3.      Early Bird Gets the Worm

Show of hands; who likes to wake up early? Anybody? Anybody?  We didn’t think so. But, do it this once and get to the show early. You can pick up everything you need for the day such as maps, badges, and booklets, and get to see the floor without it being overcrowded.

4. Come Prepared

A few things you should definitely pack; business cards. Make connections, leave a card. It’s as simple as that. Just bring enough so you don’t run out and have to leave your number on a napkin. Also pack a bag to carry all the goodies you will be receiving. This leaves you free to shake hands, and play with the cool gadgets the vendors will be showcasing. Finally, pack food. It’s a long day and you will get hungry.

There is a lot to learn and experience at the conference. Make sure you are on your A-game to get the most of what NADA 2012 has to offer.