Your TV Ads Should Talk to Your Customers

The Super Bowl is a time of year when we realize the impact one TV commercial can make.  Companies will spend millions of dollars for a 30 second spot during the big game. And it’s no wonder when the Darth Vader commercial alone has been viewed by over 37 million people.

The reality is, no matter what dollar amount is spent, if your commercial doesn’t spark something in the consumer to make a purchase, your money and time were completely wasted.

Consider running an ad like this:

This ad will show to both prospects and customers to raise awareness on current deals.

This ad will show to both prospects and customers to raise awareness on current deals.

On television, this commercial will be seen by both prospects and your existing customers. Do you think your customers like knowing they get the same great deal as someone who has never made a purchase from your dealership?  Does that make them feel special or entice them to buy from you again?

Probably not; but you can have a special sale just for them letting them know you appreciate their business and that as your customer, they are entitled to special deals.

 So what’s an easy solution?  Have a version of your TV ad that only customers see. How? Send an email to customers with the same theme as the commercial running on TV so they make the connection. However, when they click to see the video, they will notice they receive an even bigger discount.

Customers only  ad

Keeping with theme but prviding current customers with an even bigger deal makes them feel special.


Your special offer is not visible to prospects so only your customers receive the special $399 offer.  The ad reinforces the money being spent to promote the sales campaign but your customers feel they have an advantage over other consumers. Your advertising is doing double duty – retention and conquest!