Grasp the Social Media Potential

The internet is a vast resource and buyers today are using the internet to research a company and its products before making a purchase. It will always be crucial to have a functional, easy-to-find, and easy-to-navigate website, but in today’s market, that isn’t enough. The efforts you take outside of your website can be just as important- maybe even more important- than the site itself.

Consider this: there are two dealerships selling the brand new Toyota Camry you’ve been looking for. The cars are relatively the same price and are equidistant from your house. Where would you go to make the final decision on which dealership to buy the car from?

Most customers finding themselves in this situation will head over to Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, Yelp, and anywhere else they can think of to compare the two.  When a consumer is looking for your dealership, will they see an empty or sparse Facebook page? Are you on Twitter at all? Do you have reviews on your Google Places page, your Yelp page and other local listing sites? In today’s digital market, not having a presence or reviews on those sites can be worse than having a large mixture of positive and negative feedback.

If it comes down to those two dealerships on where you will purchase your car, would you buy from the dealership with a strong online presence, numerous reviews, and steady interaction with customers, or from the dealership with no reviews, an outdated Facebook page, and little-to-no customer interaction?

Make no mistake, adding and finding your business on these pages, encouraging positive reviews, and getting good Facebook and Twitter interaction is a time consuming process. But maximizing these pages and making sure your customers can find and interact with you is worth the added time and expense.