Don't Forget Your Bread and Butter

By bread and butter, we are referring to the basics of your website- inventory and services.  People typically visit your website because of a product or service your dealership offers.  It is important to remember that providing relevant content on your website is more than just a good SEO tip, it also improves the experience for your potential customers.  Whether your potential or existing customers are searching for your website or stumble upon your website via an ad or search engine, it is important to have accurate, helpful and up-to-date content about your inventory and services.  Below are two basics to refresh on a regular basis to keep your content fresh and engaging:

Inventory: Your inventory should be as detailed and accurate as possible.  Have you provided comments and detailed information about your vehicles?  Have you listed specifications/colors/details for the interior and exterior of every vehicle?  How are photos handled for your used inventory?  With all of the moving parts at a dealership and its partners, it is important to keep track of how the inventory data is received by your website provider and your online inventory profiles.  Did you switch your inventory provider company?   With Naked Lime Web, ERA® customers have the option of Real Time online inventory from their DMS.  Make sure your website provider knows or you may have stale inventory on site.  And no one likes stale bread!

Current Specials or Sales: Update your online specials consistently or at least have them match your existing print, radio and television ads.   Naked Lime Web offers the ability to post a default special, which will run if no other specials are offered at that time.  This allows your customers to see that your dealership is always running a special of some sort.  For your customers, seeing your dealership is running a special on a vehicle they’re interested in is like butter on the toast.