How Social Media Improves Search Engine Rank

For years, social media watchers have suspected, but it’s finally been confirmed: Social networking affects your search engine rankings. Both Google and Bing have confirmed this in interviews with*

What can your dealership do to take advantage of this fact?

1. Take Social Media Seriously
If you don’t have someone in your dealership designated to monitor, post, and interact on social media websites, it’s time. Your competition is probably doing it already, and you don’t want to have to catch up and potentially fall behind.

2. Use Keywords in Your Profiles
When you create business profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites, list the full name of your business very plainly. Describe your business, city, region, OEM, and popular models. Search engines see these important keywords and will associate your profile with your dealership.

3. Associate With Other Influential Players
Like and/or Follow other community figures, events, and businesses on Facebook and Twitter. Popular accounts who have a lot of influence will help to boost your influence too. As far as search engines are concerned, the only negative association is the nonexistent one!

4. Include Links in Your Posts
Search engines view links as positive “votes.” If your post highlights an upcoming event, a certain model, or community news, include a link to more information. The more votes the search engine sees, the stronger it will rank you. By linking to community sites you are also creating goodwill with the people who matter most: your neighbors, prospects, and customers.

If all of these details seem overwhelming, find a company or specialist who can take care of your social media presence for you. Watch your site climb in the rankings, your image in the community blossom, and your sales grow!