Mom vs. Girlfriend: Who You’re Talking to Matters

You wouldn’t send your mom the same birthday card as your new girlfriend or boyfriend, right?  While this isn’t a relationship advice or self-help article, some of the same rules apply when it comes to communicating with customers or prospects.
Your prospects and existing customers have very different views about your dealership and require different messages to encourage action and long-lasting engagement.

Here are a few simple guidelines to remember when communicating with each audience:

Treat Customers Like Family

Even though your mother’s known you forever, she still wants to feel special and appreciated; so do your existing customers. Customize an eNewsletter to your existing customers with special customer-only offers, industry news about the vehicles they own, and relevant lifestyle articles to increase customer loyalty and retention.

Court Your Prospects

Prospects, like a new relationship, can be more difficult to sway. They want to be impressed and swept off their feet. Send a separate eNewsletter designed specifically to grab the attention of your prospects. This eNewsletter may include news on the latest car, truck, and SUV models, tips for servicing any vehicle, and community news all to engrain your brand in the mind of prospects.   

Update Your Black Book

Your messages can be divine, but why send them if they’re not sent to the right person?  Use market reports such as the Polk Customer Loyalty and Cross-Sell Reports to help you know who your prospects and existing customers are, what they are shopping for, and what they currently own. Some companies offer this service  and your specialists use these reports when crafting your newsletters for you.

Whether it’s your mom, new crush, customer, or a prospect, make sure you’re sending the right messages to the right audience. Remember these guidelines and you will be number one in all their hearts.