Pop Ups: There's a Time and Place


Are you trying to get more leads and advertise your specials using online pop ups?  Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of pop ups before you decide to add them to your site.

 Correctly implemented, pop ups can show customers weekly or monthly specials that your dealership is offering. However, if done incorrectly, pop ups can irritate customers enough to make them avoid your site completely. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering using pop ups on your dealership’s website:

When: Use pop ups only when necessary such as a special promotion or a limited time offer. Keep pop ups to a minimum because they can easily irritate customers if they’re used too often. Using too many pop ups can also make the site load slower, possibly causing your customers to leave your page altogether.

Where: Use pop ups in relevant places on your site for the customer. . Placing a pop up for a pre owned vehicle on every page of your site will not apply to everyone because not everyone is looking for a pre owned vehicle. However, placing a relevant pre owned pop up on your used vehicles page is worthwhile.

How: Make sure you look at pop ups from a customer’s point of view.  Think about what would be most useful to them and how they can benefit from a pop up. Don’t clutter your website with unnecessary pop ups such as “Welcome to our site” or “See our new inventory here.”

In short: keep pop ups to a minimum; use only when needed. Make sure you place them in relevant places and always keep your customer’s point of view in mind. Pop ups don’t have to be a burden. Ask yourself these questions when considering them for your dealership’s website