Elevate Your Email Marketing Offers – Don't Rely On OEM Sales Incentives

Before you plug those monthly OEM incentives into the nearest seasonal email or direct mail template, think about what your dealership is really offering. Are you promising the same discounts that every dealership in your region is pitching? If so, how do you expect customers to choose your lot above all others?Example of Memorial Day direct mail piece

An email campaign should rarely include ONLY the current OEM incentives. Dealers should look to “sweeten” the pot with dealership-specific offers. We've got a few ideas to get you started:

• Additional Value Toward Your Trade – On top of current incentives, offer $250-$1,000 more for a customer's vehicle if they purchase their new vehicle from you.

• Maintenance Plans – Does your facility offer special maintenance programs or loyalty rewards? Let your customers know!

• Even Deeper Discounts – Is every Ford dealer in the area offering $1,000 cash back? Elevate the offer by announcing an ADDITIONAL $500 only available at your location.

• Jaw-Dropping Facility – Why is your dealership different? Do you offer lunch, a state-of-the-art showroom and lounge? Boast about your fantastic sales staff and explain why the customer should redeem the current incentives at your dealership.

• Connect with customers by partnering with local booster clubs, teams and charities. Offer an incentive when customers donate to the cause of your choice. i.e. “Get an extra $100 toward your trade when you make a donation to The Wounded Warrior Project.”

Monthly incentives alone are enticing, but by setting your dealership apart from the rest with an additional offer, customers will have an easy choice when making their next vehicle purchase.