Optimizing How Images Display in Email Messages

Did you know that this:  

…And this: http://www.facebook.com/NkdLime?sk=wall

…And this: http://fb.com/NkdLime

All take you to the same location? It’s true. It just depends how you look at it.

If a consumer’s email client is set to Rich-Text or HTML format and their email provider allows for images to be displayed, then the consumer will see the image onscreen.

If those images are blocked in any fashion, the consumer likely will see a URL that’s long, clunky, and confusing, such as the example here: http://www.facebook.com/NkdLime?sk=wall.

However, if you want your emails to look good in any format, there’s a simple way to make that happen. Optimizing the images in your emails for text-centric viewing can be one of the best weapons against email providers or user settings that block images in email messages.

In a text-centric email, you will need to add alternate text – or “alt text” – for each image that describes the image clearly and succinctly. That way, the recipient gets the point of your message, regardless of whether images are displayed onscreen.

This works for any image in the email, whether that’s a picture of a vehicle or a social media icon.

How you add alt text to the images in your email messages will vary depending on the tool you’re using to create the email. Refer to the Help files or contact your marketing company for assistance.

One final thing to note is that the most appealing URLs are generally the shortest ones. Look for ways to use the most direct link possible, such as using your vanity URL for your Facebook page (you’ll need at least 25 “Likes” for your page to set this up) and abbreviating the domain name for Facebook to “fb.com” at the start of your URL, as in the example http://fb.com/NkdLime.

Email recipients may incorrectly identify complex, strange-looking URLs as being broken links or spam. Be mindful of the images you’re putting into your email campaigns and be sure they’re optimized for viewing for all types of email formats.