Why Mobile Marketing Makes Sense for Dealerships

While most households share computers among several family members, it’s likely that each one of those individuals has his or her own cell phone. And, where can that cell phone be found? With the person at all times.                                                              

So how do you take advantage of the mobile phenomenon and incorporate it in your current marketing plans?

The answer begins with traditional advertising.

  • Do you know how many leads you get each month from newspaper or TV? What about from radio?
  • How do you determine the success of your traditional advertising if you don’t have the ability to effectively measure the results?

That’s where mobile marketing can help. Enhance the advertising you’ve been doing for years – and advertising your local community is used to seeing – with the added ability to track the effectiveness of your efforts.

Using text-message codes in your traditional advertising gives shoppers a way to interact with your dealership wherever they are, and it gives you something traditional advertising never gave you before – trackability. 

As customers and prospects reply to your ads by text, you end up with:

  • Trackable results: reports from text campaigns show the actual number of interactions received from shoppers based on a given ad or call to action.
  • Outbound marketing opportunities: separate marketing opt-in campaigns allow you to build a list for which you can conduct future text campaigns.

Let’s look at a couple of examples:

  1. Traditional Ad: Sunday ad/Classifieds

With traditional advertising, shoppers must visit your dealership, go to your website, or call for more information. When you get that walk-in, email, or phone call, you may never know what prompted it.

Sunday ad/Classifieds integrated with mobile marketing:

When you integrate text-message codes into your advertising, now shoppers have the option to text for more vehicle information no matter where they are, and you can easily identify which ads produced which leads.

2. Traditional Ad: Window stickers

Window stickers typically are only a “read only” source of vehicle information. When you add mobile marketing to window stickers, those stickers are transformed into a marketing tool by allowing prospects with your dealership immediately – no more depending on the prospect to call or email you later. Plus, you’re now able to track how many people visit the dealership lot at any time, even after business hours.

Window sticker integrated with mobile marketing:

Traditional advertising is a staple for dealerships and a mainstay for shoppers everywhere. Get more from your ad spend by using a mobile solution to help connect consumers instantly to your dealership and help you measure the effectiveness of your traditional advertising.