7 YouTube Video Ideas to Help Your Dealership Sell More Cars

When it comes to advertising, your dealership has it all: TV commercials, radio spots, newspaper spreads, and a killer website. Missing something? You just might be. An effective YouTube channel can propel your dealership to the next level by generating more website traffic and sparking preference in consumers.

In 2011 alone, YouTube attracted more than 1 trillion views. Yes, trillion. That means that amidst the videos of talking dogs and singing babies, there’s enough opportunity to go around for dealers, too.

Below are 7 video ideas that can help your dealership get noticed and sell more cars.

  1. Comprehensive Vehicle Showcases: Some car buyers may need more than static pictures to entice them to test drive a car. Being able to watch video tours of both the interior and exterior of a car may be a better way to attract those car buyers to your website and dealership.
  2. Facility Tour: A quick video tour of your dealership can go a long way with potential buyers. Seeing all your dealership has to offer can make potential customers feel much more comfortable and familiar with you dealership, even before they step foot on the lot.
  3. Meet the Team: Short interviews with members of the Sales or Service team help build additional familiarity with customers. Keep the interviews short and fun and consider showing off a side of your team that customers may not see every day.
  4. Promote the Future with the Past: Showing highlights from a promotion you’ve held in the past, whether a sale, contest, or community event, can help draw customers to an upcoming event at your dealership.
  5. Interview an Expert: Showcase a member of your Service Department offering tips for consumers about winter tire care or how to increase gas mileage. Whatever it may be, demonstrating your dealership’s expertise and knowledge goes a long way in building trust and loyalty.
  6. Dealer Updates: Short, informative clips discussing dealer news and happenings will interest some potential buyers as well. You could even use this time to show off facility remodels or upgrades.
  7. Interview a Customer after a Vehicle Purchase: Film willing customers after their new car purchase, asking about their car-buying experience, the reasons they chose your dealership, and how they feel now with a new car. You could even get a shot of them driving off your lot in their shiny, new car.

Have any other ideas? Try them out! After all, it’s about capturing the interest of consumers and setting your dealership apart from your competition.