GM Stopped Advertising on Facebook. Should Dealers Follow Suit?

Naked Lime Marketing’s Al Carl offers insight into why GM made the decision to stop advertising on Facebook and what implications that decision has for dealers. He also offers advice on what dealers can do to be successful with their Facebook advertising campaigns.

 Featuring: Al Carl, digital marketing manager for Naked Lime Marketing

Moderated by: Kristy Roeser, marketing for Naked Lime

GM recently made an announcement that they would no longer be placing paid advertising on Facebook, essentially saying that Facebook was not an effective advertising medium for selling cars. What does that move signal for auto dealers?

“…First of all, where are all the dealer’s customers at? They’re on Facebook…

“Secondly, the interesting thing about Facebook is Facebook has local advertising options. Do national broadcast advertising campaigns work on Facebook? I would suggest, yeah, I think they do. But, you have to find out the right flow, the right messaging, the right technique… It has it’s own type of cadence and response…

“For a dealer, I think dealers can advertise very effectively on Facebook.

“Facebook has a lot of great targeting tools. Now they have where I can target people who are interested in buying a car, you can target by the color, their likes, where they live, where they grew up, what college they went to. Those are some very powerful targeting techniques. That definitely should be and can be utilized very effectively for dealers.”