Is My Facebook Advertising Successful?

Naked Lime's Al Carl offers insight on Facebook Advertising for dealers.


What are some other ways that dealers can know that their Facebook advertising is successful?

“The biggest complaint about Facebook that I’ve heard of so far is that they don’t give me an impression count on the back end of their tool for how often the ads are shown. You get charged cost per click, but the impression count is where there could be an issue…

“The average click through rate on a Facebook ad is approximately half of what the average click through rate on a display ad. Does that mean once I click it (the Facebook ad) that I’m any less valuable?… It doesn’t…

“The value of that visitor is based upon where you are sending them. So if I click on a Facebook ad, am I going to land on a typical dealer page? Or, am I going to land on a dealer page that’s been softened to continue the flow of the kind of relationship we’re used to doing on Facebook?

“Again, it’s what channel am I driving them down; how did I gain them and get them.”