Sell More With New Phone Technology

 As a society, we are addicted to our phones. It’s not easy to find someone without their cell phone within arm’s reach.

Why not turn this obsession into sales? Mobile technology can do so much more than call and text these days. Get the customer interaction you crave even when you’ve packed up and gone home for the night.

Here’s a few options:

QR codes
Pros: QR codes are barcodes that companies are using to connect with their prospects and customers. Using a downloaded app, consumers hold their phone above the image and are directed to a mobile website that contains more information. For example, if you place a QR code on a print ad, it can link directly to your new inventory page where you could have specials listed. It’s quick, convenient, and plays to the consumer’s curiosity enticing them to scan the code.

picture of a QR code

Cons: Though QR codes are free, you have no way of tracking specific visitors. Also, the quality of phone, the material the QR code is printed on, and the lighting all affect whether it will work or not.

Pros: Today, it’s very common to see people use apps on their phone for games, directions, or to connect with friends. When a consumer finds an app they like, they often tell their friends and the popularity can go viral. Even people without a smartphone have heard of Angry Birds.

Cons: Keep in mind that only 30% of phone users have a smartphone that is capable of downloading applications.* In order to reach the rest, you’ll still need to utilize other methods. A consumer would have to download your specific app, not your OEM’s app, in order for you to receive any results from this effort.

Text Codes on Window Stickers
Pros: Even when your doors are closed, customers can easily text vehicle information to themselves or others. Placing a text code on your window sticker can connect them to your mobile website instantly. Anyone can text, it’s easy to opt in, and there is no searching or downloading an app. The best part of window stickers is that you capture a cell phone number.

Cons: Be careful. Certain privacy laws are in place restricting you from texting back. Be sure to check your state laws and regulations.

Cell phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. You can use this technology to interact with customers even when you aren’t open.