Tweet What!?

The social media world is 'atwitter' about Twitter’s recent release of a redesigned (albeit slightly) bird button.

New Twitter bird logo

The new Twitter Bird logo


About the New Twitter Bird

From Twitter’s official blog: “Starting today you’ll begin to notice a simplified Twitter bird. From now on, this bird will be the universally recognizable symbol of Twitter. (Twitter is the bird, the bird is Twitter.) There’s no longer a need for text, bubbled typefaces, or a lowercase “t” to represent Twitter.” [Read more.]


Why This Matters to Dealers

Social media branding standards are becoming just as important as OEM standards, so it's important to stay up-to-date on each social media site's identity and branding policies. Using outdated or unofficial buttons, icons and logos can send an unprofessional message and turn off customers that are “in the know.”

And, social media branding standards are stricter than you might think. Twitter, for example, is no longer recognizing custom or alternative Twitter buttons or logos. [See Twitter's Branding Standards.]


The incorrect uses of the Twitter bird

Incorrect images for the Twitter Bird

Incorrect uses of the Twitter logo

Incorrect uses of the Twitter logo

Be sure to follow these standards in your email and direct mail marketing efforts, as well as anywhere else you’re using social icons or logos in your marketing and advertising.

Happy Tweeting!