3 Reasons Your Dealership Needs Instagram

Think your dealership has all its social media bases covered? Think again. Instagram, one of the newest social networks out there, is a great way to connect with customers on yet another level by sharing images with a twist. Plus, one of Instagram’s unique features is that it integrates seamlessly with the current “Big 2” social networks: Facebook and Twitter.

Available on iOS and Android-powered devices, Instagram is a simple application that allows users to take a picture and then complete an optional editing process to add photo filters, borders, and blurring. Users can then add a caption and optional hashtags before uploading the image to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter – all with just a few clicks and all from within the very user-friendly Instagram app.

Check out 3 ways your dealership can use Instagram:

1.    Easily integrate with Facebook and Twitter: Instagram posts can send to all your social networks with one single click. Rather than searching for photos to post, Instagram is a great way to fill out your pages with engaging photos whenever the opportunity presents itself.

2.    Push customer photos to your site using the Instagram API: Similar to Twitter, Instagram organizes photos based on user-chosen hashtags. By working with your IT team, Instagram has the capability for customer photos that include the hashtag of your choice (#XYZDealership, for example) to be pushed and posted automatically to your website. This way, your website could have an entire section of customer photos from a variety of different perspectives. Whether it is pictures of cars on your lot or even a billboard on the highway, customer photos go a long way in showcasing your dealership to  other potential customers.

3.    Easily and effectively run contests on Instagram: An effective contest can increase the visibility of your dealership tremendously, not to mention get your customers involved and excited. For example, challenge customers to post pictures of a car they bought in your dealership, a car they wish they could buy, or anything related to your dealership. Then, tell them the specific hashtag to include (#XYZDealership). Pick the most creative, best, or funniest photo and make the submitter a prize winner!