Cater to Customer Attention Spans

We live in a world of instant gratification, and nowhere is that more amplified than online. The average person’s attention span when online is quite short, and the most successful web content reflects this fact. Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters… Facebook posts of fewer than 80 characters have a 27% higher rate of engagement… and in March, the average video watched online was 6.4 minutes long – and that includes all long-form content from providers like Netflix and Hulu.

Consumers are looking for as much information as quickly as they can get it; they are not browsing websites for a long period of time. They are buying, not shopping.

As a result, your dealership’s website should be designed to present the most important information to customers quickly and concisely. Below are some things to consider when creating web content.

Do your pages have too much information?

Too much “stuff” on a page can lead consumers to information overload. Pages with important information highlighted and clearly displayed are much more effective than pages where everything is displayed uniformly. Making the important pieces stand out will attract the customer’s attention and impart the information you desire.

Does your text content have a friendly layout?

Since most consumers skim text content, dividing large blocks of text with breaks and sub-headings makes content easier to navigate and helps consumers find what they want without having to sift through less pertinent information.

How are your specials designed?

Specials should be designed to convey the maximum amount of information in the shortest amount of time. Help consumers skim by making sure the most important information is front and center and less important information is secondary.

How many slides are in your slideshows?

The slides near the end of slideshows are far less likely to be seen. Try to place your most important images, such as current specials and events, at the beginning of each show.

Keep in mind that customers are on your website to find something specific, such as a new car or good service deal. The more you can tailor your site’s content to the short attention span of consumers, the more likely they will absorb the information and then act accordingly.