How to Advertise Without Actually Advertising

What was the last thing you did to get new customers, prospects who have never bought or serviced from your store, into dealership? There is a relatively simple and cost-effective way to promote what you sell to existing customers and to new prospects. If you aren’t doing an eNewsletter yet, now is the time to start.

eNewsletters provide the grounds to create loyalty in your current customers and spark action in prospects.  If you’re already using an eNewsletter, here are a few tips to make it even better.

In our busy lives, we appreciate things that keep it short and sweet. Make your eNewsletter easy to read and easy to navigate. You want customers to get something out of it, even if they only skim through the articles. And don’t forget, everyone loves pictures.

Give Good Content
You want readers to feel there is value reading your newsletter, not feel like they’ve wasted the last 10 minutes of their lives.  Engage your customers with informative and interesting articles. Add articles pertaining to things they may be interested in such as sports or national news stories to catch their attention. Specials and discounts, buying and service tips, vehicle profiles, and dealer promotions are also great ideas to engage customers.

Know the Numbers
It’s all about the results, right? If you are taking the time to send eNewsletters, make sure your efforts are being tracked. Measure specific data points such as leads and customer and prospect retention rates. Consider hiring a company and letting specialists do your newsletter for you so you can spend time running your dealership or department, not tracking your results.

Remember these key guidelines when you start your eNewsletter and you will be number 1 in both prospects’ and customers’ minds.