Get Pinterested…in Pinterest!

pinterest label

Pinterest, a relatively new content sharing site, is exploding in terms of popularity. In fact, in the article “ The 10 Commandments of Pinterest for Business,” Michael Sebastian states that Pinterest recently has become the third-most popular social network in the U.S. Need another reason to be interested? More than 18 million people are visiting the site each month, a number we suspect will continue to rise. 

As with Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter, a presence on Pinterest is highly recommended by, well, just about anyone who knows anything about business.

Here a few ways you can incorporate Pinterest into your dealership’s marketing plan.

  1. Create an “Events” Board

Dealerships are no stranger to hosting and participating in events, and Pinterest offers you one more way to flaunt your business. Post videos and pictures and emphasize specials, deals, and giveaways. Encourage event attendees to post their own stories and pictures through Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and share those on your “Events” board as well.

  1. Create a Board to Feature Your Accessories/Parts

Getting some new accessories in soon? Put pictures of them on a Pinterest board along with ideas or images of how people can use the accessories. Include the price of each item and make sure to add links to your website in the description.

  1. Create a “Picture” Board 

Show off the new inventory you will be receiving by displaying those vehicles through pictures on your account. However, don’t overwhelm fellow pinners with images of every car in inventory;  rather, pick a few you want to showcase and pin away.

  1. Create an “Experts” Board

Give customers the human element they crave. Add pictures of your staff with funny facts, favorite quotes, or bios. Be sure to point out their expertise through tips they can provide to other pinners and advice on the subjects they are knowledgeable in.

But don’t stop there. Also be sure to promote your Pinterest account on your website and other social media sites. As with other social media best practices, don’t bombard followers with too many posts and be sure to credit sources when repinning. Also, get creative and come up with your own ideas for boards. The world is yours to pin.