4 Tips to Market Your Dealership on foursquare

Remember in elementary school when every kid on the playground would line up to get their shot at becoming “king” of the 4-square game? Then, after recess was over, you’d pass whispers and notes in class, talking about the reigning champion and the strategy for becoming the coveted 4-square king.

If you think those days are gone, you’re wrong. While the game has changed (thank you, digital revolution), adults can still play the 4-square game in a different way through the social site foursquare . You can even incorporate foursquare into your dealership’s marketing strategy to help you get noticed and increase sales.

Here’s how:

Reward the Mayor – The person who checks into a location most on foursquare eventually becomes the “Mayor.” Reward this person with a free dealership-branded promotional item or even a discount on service work. Make it a healthy competition and post something a sign at your dealership to make customers aware and encourage them to compete.

Surprise the Non-mayors – If the person who handles your foursquare page notices someone has recently checked in to your dealership, greet them with a surprise gift while they are in your store. It doesn’t have to be anything great (read: a new car!); it’s the thought the counts. If they were willing to check in through foursquare, they’ll likely be willing to brag about their free gift on other social sites as well. 

Use Twitter and Facebook – Have your foursquare location linked to other social media sites so that when someone checks in at your dealership, it’s broadcast on those sites as well. All the followers of those people will see that message, broadening your reach. Another idea is to send a message on Facebook or Twitter announcing that people who check in at your dealership will receive a free item or discounted service.  

Join Forces – Run a joint promotion with a local restaurant, coffee shop, or bar near your dealership so that when someone checks in at your location, you offer that person a dollars-off discount at your partner’s shop or store. Have that retailer return the favor, too. This can lead to more exposure and business for both of you!

So while this foursquare may not be the same as the shoe shinin’, tree-toppin’ recess game you knew and loved as a kid, there are still plenty of people who want to be king. Use the thrill of the digital foursquare game to help your dealership get more exposure and more revenue.