All Eyes On You

The Olympics continually capture the attention of the entire world. This year’s Opening Ceremonies garnered more than 40 million viewers in the United States alone, and NBC is reporting that high viewership ratings have continued throughout the games.  As these athletes prepare for their competitions, or even a simple walk down the streets of London, they surely realize one thing: all eyes are on them. Everything they say, do, wear, eat, and even tweet is seen by millions of people everywhere. Your car dealership isn’t all that different.

A recent study done by Google, dubbed the Zero Moment of Truth, found that seven out of 10 consumers start their search for products online. The days of asking your neighbors for a recommendation are over—at least for 70% of consumers. It is crucial that everything from your website to your online reviews are pulling customers in, rather than turning them away.

Imagine if your lot had a big flashing sign out in front that said: “Awful service! Will never buy a car here again!”. You probably would want to change that, right? Online reviews are the same way. Modern consumers trust online reviews and act accordingly. How about if someone came into your dealership ready to buy but your sales guy couldn’t find the car they wanted on the lot. Another sale lost? Much is the same with consumer interaction on dealer websites. If they can’t find something or it’s not easy to use, many consumers move right along to another dealer.

With the rapidly climbing use of the internet in the consumer buying cycle, your dealership should take a serious look at how they are being perceived. Ask yourself:

  • Is my website accurate and current?
  • Can customers access my site from their mobile phone?
  • What are other consumers saying about me on review websites?
  • How does my online presence stack up against the dealer down the street?

If you can’t answer these questions or don’t like your answers, it might be time to take a serious look at your online presence.