Keep Fans Coming Back to Your Facebook Page

So, people have liked your Facebook page – now what? In addition to your current news, videos and photo uploads, you can keep customers engaged by hosting online contests. Posting offers and contests on Facebook has become a good marketing strategy for many retailers. Consider the following ideas and put your own twist on one for your dealership today.

 1.       Incorporate Current Events:

With football season starting soon; this could provide for a fun opportunity to get your online community involved prior to the season. You could start by asking your fans, “Which teams do you think will make it to the Super Bowl?’. The person who guesses correctly could be rewarded with tickets to a local sporting event. Or, consider posting football-themed trivia questions every weekend before game time and the winner could receive a promotional item such as a dealership-branded t-shirt or even a free oil change or tire rotation.

2.       Hold a Photo Contest:

Encourage your fans to show their pride in your OEM’s brand by uploading photos. The most creative or original photo could win a promotional item from your dealership or receive a special offer during their next visit.

3.       Choose Random Winners:

Establish a day and time each week to post a question.  By choosing winners at random, everyone who enters will feel they have a fair chance to win, and will likely keep coming back to your page each week to enter. The weekly posts can be as creative as you’d like – trivia questions, word scrambles, opinion questions, etc.  

Using contests to engage your fans keeps your dealership top of mind; they’ll want to check out what’s new on your page and what they can participate in. Also remember it’s important to continue posting relevant information and industry-related content. Since rules and regulations can change quickly, be sure to check Facebook guidelines prior to holding contests and promotions.