Think you aren’t paying for production costs?

Do you believe in a free lunch?

What’s the one thing for sure about a “free lunch?”  That it’s usually never truly free!

When you’re advertising on broadcast TV or cable, do you feel like you’re getting a “free lunch” because you only have to pay for the media buy and not for production costs? Were the production costs actually free?  Or, do you simply not see the cost itemized on your bill because it’s buried within the total cost?

Any ad that is produced costs something to be created.  Even if you use the lowest cost provider, a basic 30-second spot typically costs around $1,000 to produce.

To accurately assess the true costs of “free” ad production, ask yourself:

• What is the best way to manage my TV advertising?
• If I have one ad produced, will it only be used on one channel?
• If the ad is being run across multiple channels, does the ad appeal to all the different audiences watching all of the channels on which your spot is running?
• Was the ad designed to be co-op compliant?  If it’s not, how much will the spot cost you when the OEM won’t reimburse you?
• Did you get a copy of the ad script so that you could file for co-op dollars?
• If you want multiple versions or want to change an offer, how much extra will that cost you?

There is no such thing as a “free lunch,” especially when it comes to ad production.  Know what your production costs are, what your TV spots cost you to run, and make sure that your spots are co-op compliant.  Otherwise, that free lunch could end up being really expensive.