What to do When Your Twitter Conversation Gets Awkward

Twitter can be a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. It can also lead to awkward conversations that can potentially harm your brand. So what do you do when it happens to you? Don’t panic, here’s a few ways to bounce back and turn those awkward conversations into leads.

Offer something to your followers

If the conversation gets awkward and you’re not sure how to save it, offer a reward. For example, suggest that consumer come into the dealership for a free oil change. This gives you the opportunity to create a face-to-face relationship, make things right, and keep the customer’s business for the future.

Be honest and don’t be afraid to apologize

If you have done something wrong or given incorrect information, be honest and correct the facts. Never be afraid to apologize. By owning your mistake, you’ll seem more human to your followers and gain their respect.

Control your emotions and take control

If you get emotional with your reactions on Twitter, your business could suffer and you may fast run out of options to save the conversation. Be mindful that Twitter conversations today can generate leads in the future, so a professional and friendly tone is the best policy. And, always remember that you are speaking from your dealership’s Twitter profile, you are the person that can make or break its good name with consumers.

Move on

Face it, the awkward conversation happened, but don’t let it linger. Exchange tweets to do your best to clear up the situation, forget it, and move on. Tomorrow is a new day.

So don’t stress if things get awkward. Try these quick tips to take control, help your dealership win the Twitter turn-around, and turn your followers into customers.