4 Easy Tips to Maximize Your Website Content and Engage Your Customers

The majority of shoppers want to quickly and easily find the highest quality item for the lowest price. That’s why when most people shop for an item these days, their search begins online. People have come to expect that by searching the web, they’ll be able to find what they want, at the best price, and in a short amount of time.

Those expectations from consumers are what drive the need for your website content to be engaging and useful. So ask yourself: When a customer lands on your website, what do they see? Are they able to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, or are they turned off by the overload of information on your website?

Here are 4 easy tips for maximizing your website content and engaging customers.

1.  Declutter

I’ve worked with countless dozens of dealership websites – some of them great and some, well, to put it nicely, not so great. All too often, I am overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” on a dealer’s homepage. Buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and the Better Business Bureau, along with logos for awards they won in the past, all are crammed onto the homepage. Add on top of that pictures, text, and forms and “information overload” can set in quickly. To begin decluttering your dealership’s website, think about the core things you want consumers to know, and showcase those few things on your homepage and across your site.

2.       Simplify

After you’ve taken down all the unnecessary buttons, links, and logos, concentrate your efforts on making sure your website is easy to navigate. This is a tricky one to tackle because there is a fine line between having too many pages in your navigation bar and not having enough. While you don’t want every page on your site linked out of the navigation bar, you also don’t want your customers to have to search a long time for a page they need. But, it stands to reason that there shouldn’t be 15 un-related pages of information linked under the “New Inventory” tab on your site. Look for ways to pare down your site’s navigation so that consumers can quickly find what they’re looking for. To do this, put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they want to see and how you can simplify finding that information.

3.       Add Video

Many of you are still shooting a commercial or two every month, and you should be. But, you can get extra mileage from those videos by showcasing them on your homepage. For example, if you are running a 96-hour sale and you shoot a commercial to promote it, you also should add that video to your website – and don’t forget to add a lead form next to it, too! There are so many different things you can be doing with videos, and most of them are free, so why not take advantage?  For more information on what you can do with videos, see our post titled Videos – They are Really THAT Important.

 4.       Update Specials

The specials pages on a dealer’s website are the most-viewed pages, right behind new and used inventory searches. Too frequently, I see dealerships that have no specials listed on their site. At the very least, a consumer should be able to find manufacturer incentives on your specials page. Ideally, you also should be showcasing deals that are only available at your dealership. Telling customers how much they can save only by buying from you can go a long way toward motivating them to get off the couch and into your showroom.


Getting customers to fill out a lead form, call you, or even better, come into the dealership is all about making your website content engaging and compelling. Make sure you’re meeting consumers’ expectations by making it quick and easy to find all the information they need from your website.