5 More Ways to Keep your Dealership Website Content Fresh and Inviting

In an earlier article, I offered “5 Ways to Keep Your Dealership Website Content Fresh and Inviting,” including dealership contact information, dealership news, inventory listings, information about future vehicle models, and OEM updates. If you’ve now mastered those first five ways, here are five additional ways to keep your website fresh and engaging for consumers.

1.    Specials

Once consumers have found your site, they’re almost sure to visit your Specials pages to see what unique incentives you have over your competition. Keeping your Specials pages up to date with the most current and attractive offers helps set your dealership apart from others and gives consumers a reason to keep checking back for the latest deals.

Ask your website provider whether they offer a tool that allows you to easily change your Specials pages on the fly or whether the provider offers a service to keep these pages regularly updated for you. Otherwise, allow plenty of lead time for your provider to make page changes in a timely manner.

2.    Dealership Blog

If you’re already regularly updating dealership news on your website, you may want to go one step further by adding a blog. In addition to being a home base for dealership news, a blog also gives you a more relaxed, conversational forum to share other information that is useful and interesting to consumers. Plus, blog content can help boost your dealership’s website in search rankings.

The sky is the limit on blog topics. For the best competitive advantage, look for an area where you can stand out by demonstrating your dealership’s expertise on a topic that will help consumers relate to your dealership and gain something from the information.

It’s also important to remember that topical content comes in more forms than just the text in posts, tweets, and articles – it’s images, video, and podcasts, too.

3.    Social Media Widgets

Many dealerships are beginning to have a presence on social media in order to promote their dealership and build lasting relationships with existing customers and prospects. One way to make sure your social media content is being seen by the broadest audience is to add social media widgets to your website. For example, add a Facebook “Page Badge” widget to display your most recent Facebook status updates on your dealership’s website.

These widgets are one more way to extend the benefit of the conversations you’re having online and make your website appear more fresh and welcoming.

4.    Featured Vehicles

In addition to daily updates of your vehicle inventory listings, consider creating a page dedicated to featured vehicles. Since popular vehicles typically will sell themselves, consider using a featured vehicles page to highlight autos your dealership needs to move more quickly such as cars or trucks that have been on your lot for a while.

To differentiate this page, consider using a different layout from your new and used vehicle listings. Describe more about what makes these vehicles special, and be sure to include photos!

5.    Other Products You Sell

With tight margins on new car sales, your dealership may be focused on selling more aftermarket products and vehicle accessories to increase profits. Your website can serve as one more place that consumers can gather the facts about these products and their benefits before being presented with them in the F&I office.

Just as with featured vehicles, consider having a featured product or two each month so that your accessory pages appear up to date.

The Added Return

Your dealership website is only as good as its content. Additional efforts in keeping that content current and relevant can pay big dividends in helping you break through the online clutter to get noticed and spark action in consumers visiting your dealership’s website.