The Power of One

This summer has been hot! In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said that more than 2,000 temperature records were broken this summer.

This makes us appreciate our amazing central air conditioning system more than ever. But wait, what if our central air system were broken?!? Can you imagine having different window air conditioners and having to go  from room to room in your house adjusting the temperature to remain consistent? The dining room, the living room, the kitchen, each bedroom, every bathroom… You’d spend a lot of time managing the same thing in different places when, with central air, you can make one adjustment and your whole house is the right temperature.

Think of this in terms of your dealership. Having multiple vendors separately running your various traditional and digital marketing efforts – newsletter, radio, social media, pay-per-click, newspaper advertising, direct mail, email, and so on – is similar to walking from room to room making the same adjustment over and over to reach your desired result.

Now consider your OEM decides to run a two-week campaign . By the time you reach out to all your vendors with the same message, your vendors create the campaign materials, and your dealership approves, how much of the campaign time is already gone? How many car sales did you lose while you were waiting to promote the campaign?

The power of one vendor is strong. You know that from experience. It’s why you want customers to buy, finance, and service their cars with you and you only. So are you still wasting time walking from room to room making adjustments? Or is it time to make the switch to central air: that one vendor who can handle all your traditional and digital marketing, advertising, and web needs?