3 Ways to Make Parts the Hottest Department in the Dealership

Let’s face it: your Parts department probably isn’t in the most desirable location in the dealership. Rather, it’s more likely tucked in a back corner, away from most of the customer traffic. But why not try to make parts and accessories your hottest department, inside or outside the four walls of your dealership?

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. One Word: Website

Most dealership websites have a simple order form on their Parts department page that allows customers to inquire about whether a part is in stock. That form is generally sent to an email box that requires someone from your dealership to respond manually to the inquiry. But how effective is that? When was the last time you got a sale from one of those inquiries?

Today’s consumers want immediate results. When your customers are looking for parts or accessories for their car, they want to find them quickly and for the best price. And, you can give that to them. Get set up with a simple online parts selling system that actually functions like an online eCommerce page and allows your customers to buy, pay, and ship parts and accessories directly from your website.

2.       Second Word: eBay

I’m sure you’ve heard of eBay, and so have your customers. eBay plays host to 14.5 million unique shoppers each month, and to date, eBay Motors has sold more than 225 million parts and accessories. eBay can be a great place to list parts, especially parts that might be older or that you struggle to sell. Chances are someone out there needs that part, so help them find it.

Plus, in addition from being  an outlet to dump off older parts, eBay is a great way to reach customers around the country. You are no longer limited to selling parts and accessories only to people within driving distance; you can be in Southern California and ship a part to a customer all the way in upstate Maine. Talk about expansion!

3.       Third Word: Amazon

Amazon isn’t yet as big as eBay Motors, but it’s certainly headed in that direction. Millions of people shop on Amazon every day, and thanks to offerings like Amazon Prime, the company has a very loyal following. Consider tapping into that group and start selling parts and accessories on Amazon.

Amazon also has other great features that people use on a daily basis that can help you get noticed. Things like customer reviews, other items viewed, related items, and a list of what people ultimately bought can really help your dealership expand its reach.

You might not be able to change the physical location of your Parts department in the dealership, but you do have control over where it can be found online. Use these newer tools to help your dealership get noticed online and generate more revenue from parts and accessories sales.