Are Your Potential Customers Waking up to You?

We all know that mobile “has arrived” and that your dealership needs to have a strong presence in all aspects of mobile marketing. But,  have you really thought through just how much consumers are depending on you to make sure your business is represented?

Mashable recently posted an article with an infographic that represents how college students interact with their smartphones. These habits don’t rest only with college students, however. In fact, you, as well as most of your customers are likely guilty of being addicted to your cell phone.

Here are some of the points we find most interesting from that infographic:

  • Text messaging is the most popular use for smartphones.
  • 52% of college students check their phones before getting out of bed.
  • 43% of users decided whether or not to visit a business after viewing information on their phone.
  • 74% of users often used their smartphone while commuting. Another 19% said they sometimes do.
  • 72% of respondents use their smartphones at least sometimes, in bed, before going to sleep.
  • Many use their phones while sitting at red lights and even while moving. (You don’t want to see the numbers!)
  • 98% search on their smartphones for specific information (such as your dealership!).

Have you witnessed anyone being guilty of this information addiction? Check out this video from CBS on our 'phone obsessions.'  Any interesting stories to share with us? Share below…