1 out of 4 Aren’t Your Customer Anymore

So, what does that mean?  Quite simply, it means that for every 100 customers that you have faithfully stored in your DMS, either by selling them a vehicle or servicing a vehicle for them, 25 of them no longer own the vehicle you think they do.  They traded that vehicle or sold it to someone else, and the odds are very good (since most are not now walking) they bought another vehicle.

These customers don’t care when you send them a service reminder; they don’t own the vehicle anymore.  Offering $1,000 over KBB trade value for the car they no longer own – same thing, they don’t care.  What you need to realize is that 1/4th of your customers no longer have a reason to pay any attention to your direct mail or emails, if those messages are only relevant to the car or truck they no longer own.    If your current marketing system, whether  your CRM tool or a 3rd party that extracts the data from your DMS, is using only your uncleansed DMS data, they are missing the mark 25% of the time.

Yes, that is a large number, but it’s reality.  You can talk to these customers if you know who they are.  You just cannot have a conversation with them about the vehicle you think they own.  Instead, you need to have a conversation with them that lets them know you want them back as a customer.   You can then make them a service offer that might help overcome the decision they already made.

If your marketing company is good, they can help you find out what these customers are driving.  They may not find all of them, but it is possible to find out what 40-50% of them are driving now.  If you know what they are driving, you know what to offer them. 

But first, you have to face the fact that 1 out of 4 customers aren’t your customer any longer.