How to Turn an Event Into Sales

So you held an event at your dealership, participated in a summer parade, held a tent sale – now what? How do you turn those leads into sales so that your time, effort, and money aren’t wasted?

As sure as the sky is blue, you have a better chance of closing a deal if your sales team follows these tips:

Keep Your Goal Front of Mind
Were you hoping to gain test drives or book appointments? Whatever it is, don’t let additional goals start creeping in to take focus away from your initial purpose. Make sure your sales team keeps their eyes on the goal in order to see a difference in lead conversion.

Stay Organized
Before you throw or join a community event, make sure your sales team spells out what comes next. Who will be calling interested customers? How soon after the event will they call? Will they send an email? Should they run a follow-up campaign? What is the next step to get prospects back in your dealership?

Follow Up
Sometimes event prospects are forgotten or misplaced for various reasons. Hold your salespeople accountable for calling or emailing interested prospects, and make sure that they respond quickly if someone reaches out to your dealership. If it’s between you and the other guy, and he follows up but you don’t, guess what – that customer won’t be buying from you.

Consider Running an Email Campaign
Send a targeted email campaign to customers and prospects who attended the event to strike while the iron is hot. If your vendor includes an analyst as part of your Marketing service, contact your marketing analyst and ask them to develop a campaign that has worked before with other dealerships.

Don’t let the efforts and time spent in throwing or attending events become a waste. Use these tips to turn your events into sales opportunities.