Mobile Websites: More Important Now Than Ever

According to Google, 9 out of 10 cell phone searches result in an action such as a purchase or visiting a business. In other words, a strong mobile site is more important than you think.

Many automotive dealers think they are covered when it comes to mobile because they receive a free site from a vendor or their OEM. However, many of these mobile sites are extremely limited in their functionality. In addition, these sites typically don’t mirror the appearance of your dealership website which can confuse customers, don’t include text marketing, and don’t work on all web-enabled phones.

But, don’t feel bad, you aren’t alone. Google claims that 4 out of 5 websites aren’t optimized for mobile consumption and that bounce rates are typically higher than 80%.

To avoid losing more customers, follow these key steps to implement a successful mobile strategy for your dealership:

1.     Know Your Customers

If you were still in school and your teacher assigned a big assignment you weren’t familiar with, the first thing you would do is research it for more information. The same thing applies here. Do some market research and determine what your customers are looking for on your mobile website, when they are on your site, and which parts they view most. Use this information to begin honing your mobile marketing efforts.

2.     Use a Strong Mobile Technology Platform

You will want to keep customers on your mobile site engaged. Be sure to have a platform in place that will handle rich media and collect data (so you can learn from what information you gain). Remember: what you pay for is what you get.

3.     Ask Yourself: Would I Enjoy This Site?

The easy answer is yes, but if you fail to take a more critical look at your site, you are cheating yourself and your pocketbook. Think of your customers when you review your mobile website. Is the site functioning? Does the navigation make sense? Is it easy to read? Is the call to action clear? Is it easy to make the connection between my mobile site and my dealership website? Being critical now will pay off later.

People are using their mobile phones for more and more as each day passes. Make sure your mobile website is functioning, consistent with your branding, and easy to use now so you stay ahead of your competition.