The Offense and Defense of Your Digital Reputation

ESPN isn’t the only place where you can appreciate a good offense or defense this fall. Considering 91% of unhappy customers will never purchase services from you again,1 you need the right strategy in place to pull out a win when it comes to your digital reputation.

Make sure you or whoever you’ve designated to manage your online reputation follows these rules:

1. Give Customers a Playing Field
When a customer wants to voice their opinion, good or bad, they’ll find a place to do so. If you provide that place, like a blog or a Facebook page, this gives you the opportunity to make it right if it’s a negative comment and gives credibility to your brand when a customer raves.

2. Play Offense
Proactively build a positive reputation by encouraging satisfied customers to post their comments online. It has been found that 92% of adult buyers regularly check reviews online before making a purchase.2 If you make it a point to provide each customer with great customer service, you are bound to build your fan base.

3. Play Defense
The day will come when a customer leaves a negative comment. Be sure to respond in a timely manner and always provide a calm and sincere response. Other customers will see your positive response and know you value making customers happy.

4. Get Your Head in the Game
Monitor all online commentary, not just review sites. There are a lot of sites out there to keep your eye on including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, discussion forums, blogs, etc. All discussions involving your dealership are important and you need to be in the know of what is being said. If this feels like more than you can chew at the moment, consider hiring a specialist that will monitor responses, assist you in encouraging your customers to post positive reviews, and consult on how you should respond to negative comments.

You can have a strong offense and defense when it comes to managing your online reputation. Follow these tips to be prepared for any game.

1 Lee Resource Inc.
2 Media Bistro