Headlines Putting You to Sleep?

It’s a bad sign when even you think the subject lines to your own emails are boring. What will entice a customer read your email over the hundreds of others they receive every week? Hint: the answer is NOT a lame subject line.

We’ve collected a list of ideas to keep in mind to encourage customers to open your emails and check their yawns at the door.


Start With a Bang

Especially around the holidays, people are crunched for time. Grab their attention and encourage customers to keep reading by making your point at the beginning.. Take mobile customers into consideration so that no matter the customer or the device used to read your message, they quickly get the idea of what the email offers.


Give a Sense of Urgency

When customers know they only have a limited window of time to get the deal or make a decision, they act quicker. Why do you think Groupon is so successful? Showing, to the second, the countdown of the expiration of the coupon gives customers a sense of urgency that they need to take action now or they’ll miss their opportunity.


Leave the Marketing Fluff At Home

Subject lines don’t have to be full of unicorns and butterflies. Adjectives and over descriptive subject lines can be cut down.

“For one day only, save an extra 50 dollars on all our high quality tires!’

Could be shortened to:

“Today only – save $50 on all tires.”


Analyze other Headlines

Just as you did B.C. ( Before Caller ID), you scan emails in the same fashion. Keep in mind the emails you’ve opened purely because of a good headline. And don’t forget about those headlines that made you send them straight to the trash. Strive to be like the former of the two.

Headlines truly can make or break your email campaigns. Putting a little more time into the headline can work wonders for you, earning you an A+ instead of a ZZZ.