The End of the World?

It’s coming: no not the end of the world, and certainly not anything the Mayans would have ever dreamed, let alone predicted.  It’s Cohesion: walls are coming down and marketing as we know is becoming more cohesive than ever before. Social media is becoming dependent on mobile, as more users access social sites from their phones, and mobile will depend on a website, which will depend on advertising your site. We could go on all day about this!

In a recent article from Marketing Profs titled, “Your Facebook…on Mobile: A Sign of Things to Come,” they mention that three-quarters of the world’s population has a mobile phone and that half of those are smart phones. What’s more, they state that 57% of Facebook’s nearly 1 billion monthly active users access Facebook on their mobile device. That’s more than 500 million people per month!

Social media is no longer limited to a PC, and your dealership has no limit to how far it can  spread your brand, IF you play your cards right.

If you have a functioning website, be sure you have a version for mobile devices as well. Once you have a solid mobile site, encourage customers to visit on their phone. Promote the mobile-friendly site on your Facebook, dealership website, and in your store. While you are at it, promote your social media pages and encourage customers to visit these sites from your mobile site.

Technology has not only made the world seem smaller, but it’s also closing the gap on communication tools your dealership takes part it in, making the efforts more connected than ever before.

The world is yours to win with an integrated marketing, advertising, mobile, and social strategy- considering it doesn’t end this month, of course.