The Instagram Incident and Why it Matters to You

drunk woman holding bottle.

Yesterday, Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook, made an announcement that they had the right to sell your photos. The public rushed to social media to voice their opinions. Many people claimed they would no longer be using Instagram in fear their picture could be used for an embarrassing or uncomfortable advertisement.

Articles were posted on how to back up your Instagram photos and delete your account. Within hours, Instagram apologized, claiming they would not sell your Instagram photos and they would ”remove” the language in the privacy policy that claimed they would.

So if all this has been fixed, why does it matter?  Because if you happened to be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or a number of other sites across the Internet, you would notice the astounding number of comments (most of them very angry), shared articles, posts on changing apps, and reviews that were posted in just a few hours. The news spread like wildfire as people had the platform to voice their opinions through social media.

How can you apply what happened with Instagram to your dealership? Social media has emerged as a very powerful communication channel. Make sure your dealership is using this power to get your voice heard by your customers, and that you are using it to hear your customers’ voices as well. Because, at the end of the day, making sure your customers are satisfied is what sells more cars.