What is A Frame

A frame-in is a URL that a third party company (not an application that Naked Lime Web created) sends to Naked Lime to “plug in” to your dealership website.

Think of it like someone sending Naked Lime a picture (URL) to put in a picture frame (the web page).

Some examples of a frame-in could be:

  • A used car provider, like Dealer Specialties, sends you a URL to send to us to “frame-in” to your site.  The content within that frame-in is managed by Dealer Specialties and will need to be updated by them in the event that troubleshooting is needed.
  • You sign-up with Black Book Online and they send us their application to “frame-in” to your website.
  • You want to have a link to Facebook on the site, but you don’t want your customers leaving the site.  You can send us your Facebook URL and we can frame it in to one of our pages so it looks like the customer is still on your site when they are looking at your Facebook page.

Any content within a frame-in cannot be edited through the Naked Lime Dealer Tool Editor or by the Naked Lime Web Support Team. However, if you are unsure if the area that needs editing is a framed-in area, we are more than happy to take a look and assist. We can adjust the height and width of the framed-in area.

An indicator that the content is framed-in could be an additional scroll bar (sometimes faint) on the right side of the framed-in content.

For troubleshooting, in the Dealer Tool, you can click on HTML to see the framed-in URL.  You can open this URL in a separate browser to see if the issue occurs outside of our NLM website environment. If the issue still occurs, please contact the 3rd party provider of that application.

*** SEO & Framed in Pages

Because the framed-in content cannot be crawled by search engine spiders, it is important to add on-page content to your pages.  The content should include what kind of information is found in the framed-in area.

{{Dealership Name}} has the {{Vehicle Make}} for your needs. Whether you are looking for a car, suv, minivan, or truck; {{Dealership Name}} in {{Dealership Location}} can take your trade-in, get you approved for credit, and help you find available rebates. Conveniently located near {{three secondary locations}}, we have the {{Vehicle Make}} you want and at the right price. {{Dealership Name and Marketing Phrase}}.

***How to Edit On-Page Content

Website: http://login.nakedlime.com/

*Content/ Content Editor/ Jump to Page: / Click on monitor or in grey area to edit, or Jump To Control on the top right.

If a control does not exist on the page to add content, please call your support team and we will add one for you.

***How to Edit Title Tags, Heading Tags, Keyword Tags, and Description Tags

Website: http://login.nakedlime.com/

*SEO/ Page-Level Tags/ Click Green arrow to edit

SEO tags will also benefit our website when you use framed-in Pages.