The Online Shopping Experience

Over the last 16 years, online shopping has grown, and shopper’s needs and expectations have grown and changed. 

A key piece of satisfying the needs of online shoppers is the look and feel of your website. Is it modern and easy to navigate? Keeping up with shopping trends and online technologies instills confidence in your customers. It is important that your customers see that you care about your image and know that your website is a direct reflection of your business overall. When you keep your website updated and looking fresh, your customers will make the connection that your dealership is fresh, modern and up-to-date as well.

In today’s society, shoppers want information, and they want it fast. They want to be able to pull your website up and find what they are looking for easily and quickly. Websites that feature prominently placed links, logos, and buttons make it that much easier for a shopper to find what they are looking for. The shopping experience becomes more enjoyable, meaning customers are more likely to spend more time on your site and view more pages. Many studies have shown that the more difficult a shopping experience online is, the less likely it is that a shopper will become a buyer.

Don’t let your website be the reason you lose customers. Your website should be appealing, intuitive, and lead shoppers right to your showroom. This year, make a resolution you can keep- update your website and make sure it’s unique, bold, and easy to navigate.

Happy online shopping