Traditional Advertising… Super Bowl Style

The Super Bowl is known for high-profile advertisements that air during its broadcast. Typically, the Super Bowl (and its commercials) reaches over 90 million viewers worldwide. These advertising spots typically cost millions of dollars – and we’ve grown to expect them to be spectacular and innovative.

Data suggests that as many as one viewer in 10 tunes in for the commercials alone. These commercials tend to be so successful because they are creative, funny, witty, and contain emotional connections. Their incredibly large budgets certainly don’t hurt either.

So how can all of this relate to your dealerships traditional advertising? Make sure your commercials make a statement – something your audience will connect with, remember, and talk about.  Volkswagen did a series of Super Bowl ads that focused around Star Wars. The first ad was titled “The Force” which was simple and easy to understand and remember, but also played to our emotions and took us back in time.

In anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl, we thought we would highlight some of our favorite Super Bowl commercials of all time. Enjoy!

Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” commercial– 2011

Budweiser Frog commercial– 1995

Nissan Barbie and Ken commercial– 1995

Doritos Snow Globe commercial– 2009

What are some of your favorites?