Bringing Local to the Spotlight of the Net

What you do locally can help with keeping your website fresh and up to date. You’ve spent that hard earned money on print ads, radio ads, and even television commercials for your area. Why not show them to the world through your website? As technology continues to grow, it is a best practice to spread the word to as many people as possible – and your website is an important part of that strategy.

We also recommend you post information about the local fundraisers and charity work your dealership is involved in on your website or blog. Consumers enjoy reading about how dealerships are involved in the community. Plus, when you have the opportunity to work with the community, you can look at it as free advertising. Customers get to see your name brand out there and learn that you truly do care about the community.  By posting a quick write-up on your website about your charitable events or activities, you can further extend the benefit of your good works by exposing the information to additional consumers.

At Naked Lime Web, we are always here to help you with ideas for keeping your website current. We can help you extend your message by putting your television commercials on your site, having your ad from the newspaper posted on a specials page, or even adding your radio commercials to your site so they can be listened to online. Give us a call at 855.NKD.LIME or send us an email at

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