You Can’t Sell to Anonymous

When is the last time you sold a car to someone without knowing anything about the person? Name? Preferences? Contact information?

You simply can’t sell a car to anonymous. The same is true whether the person walks into your showroom or visits your website. Moreover, the leads from your website are just as important as the potential customers that walk into your showroom. You wouldn’t ignore someone shopping on your lot, and you shouldn’t let a potential customer shop your site without giving them the opportunity to submit personal contact information. These shoppers should have the same opportunity to talk to a real person as those who walk in your door.

However, not every person who visits your webpage should be considered a lead.   For example, an anonymous person checking your location on Google Maps or viewing your dealership hours doesn’t drive a customer into your store or money into your pocket. Real leads should be identifiable and contactable. You need to know what your potential customers are interested in and how to reach them. Make sure you’re getting quality leads with accurate tracking, lead forms, and reliable sources. Having the right tools in place allows you to receive accurate information on the customer that you can use to make more sales.

Next time you review your dealership’s leads, take some time to understand exactly what those numbers mean, identify which are real leads, and determine how many sales you are actually generating from real leads.  Don’t lose a sale because you were unable to contact an interested customer.

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