3 Keys to Better Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 86% of B2C marketers are using some form of content marketing.* Many dealers already have incorporated content marketing into their marketing strategy. So, how do you differentiate your dealership from other dealers from a content marketing standpoint? Below are a few tips:

Use Social Media to Connect with Consumers

  • Facebook and Twitter are obvious places to start, but don’t stop there. Your audience is also on YouTube (2nd largest search engine behind Google), LinkedIn, Google+ and even Pinterest. You need to be where your customers and prospects are!

Grow Customer Loyalty Through Blogging

  • Informative blog posts can help you establish your dealership as the expert in key areas and will keep customers coming back for more. For example, “How To” content can be extremely useful because most people would rather search online for how to do a certain task then ask someone. Simple topics such as “How to Save Money on Gas” and “How to Avoid Getting Your Car Stolen” are simple, yet intriguing topics to keep people coming back to read more.

Use Videos as a Natural Form of Creativity and Entertainment

When planning your content marketing strategy, think about how you are entertained by the companies you do business with. Your dealership’s strategy will should follow that lead and build from there with relevant and interesting content your prospects and customers will use and enjoy.

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*B2C Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends-North America