6 Easy Steps to Manage Your Online Reputation

Stay a step ahead of a digital reputation crisis. Follow these steps to avoid negative comments and reviews from being splashed across the web.

1. Take an Inventory

Run a search on yourself through each of the major search engines- Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Sift through the results on the first few pages, making note of the positive, neutral and negative results.

2. Stay Alert

Set up a Google Alert for your name. Google will send you an email each time they sift out new material with your name in the content, whether it appears in search results or not.

3. Optimize Existing Positive Pages

Optimize all pages that showed up as positive in the first step with basic SEO. If you have control over the page, make sure your name is in the title tag of each page and appears in the description field of social media profiles.

4. Link to Existing Positive Pages

Wherever you can, link your positive pages. Make sure it makes sense, but by all means, link a page that gets fewer views to one that performs better. Direct your customer traffic where you want it to go.

5. Create New Positive Pages

It is a must to have profiles on all of the big four social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. If you haven’t done so, that should be a first step. It’s also recommended that you create profiles on Flickr, Quora, SlideShare, Vimeo and YouTube. It’s important that whatever profiles you create, you maintain and update periodically, so only do what you can handle.

Create a blog if you haven’t already. Make sure your name is in the URL for SEO purposes. Ideally, you should buy the .com version of your name. If that’s not available, purchase it on a different domain (.me, .co, .net).

Be sure to upload videos and photos to your sites, and make sure to title, tag, and upload with your name.

6. Explore Guest Post and Interview Opportunities

Anytime you can post blogs from reputable sources or industry leaders, take advantage. This will not only help boost your number of followers, but boost your SEO rankings as well. Even better: get a reputable source to talk about your products or services!

Get Started Today

Don’t wait until your digital reputation is suffering to get started on a reputation management campaign. Get started now, and when those negative reviews or posts do show up, you will be armed and ready to take them on.

If that all sounds overwhelming, let the Digital Reputation Management team at Naked Lime to the hard stuff for you. Contact us at 855.NKD.LIME (855.653.5463) or visit nakedlime.com for more information.

Online reviews spread quickly. Nurture the good ones and address the bad ones as quickly as possible.

Online reviews spread quickly. Nurture the good ones and address the bad ones as quickly as possible.