It’s Not Luck: It’s Naked Lime Traditional and Digital Advertising Services

 It's Not Luck St. Patrick's Day Advertising Campaign

This St. Patrick’s Day, before you pull out your green sweater and shoes, consider this: Naked Lime’s traditional and digital advertising services give you the edge you need to get on top.

Our Traditional Advertising Service is unlike any other, and the reason it’s so successful is not luck at all. We have Naked Lime-exclusive POLK reports, which provide you with powerful market data, containing all the answers to put your dealership ahead of the competition.

But what is all this data without an expert to analyze it and create custom marketing campaigns tailored to your dealership and your market? That’s why you’ll have a dedicated marketing specialist. They’ll do all the heavy lifting and have the knowledge, training, and expertise to create marketing campaigns that will deliver results. You’ll be advised on what specials to run, when to run them, and for how long.

Now that you have a plan, it’s time to make sure your campaigns are consistent across all channels, which is why we recommend pairing your Traditional Advertising Service with Naked Lime Digital Advertising Service. Just call it your lucky charm. When paired, these services work seamlessly to provide your dealership with both traditional and digital advertising mediums, delivering one consistent message to your audience.

What’s the twist? Our one-of-a-kind videos are catchy and engaging, not to mention they improve SEO, putting your dealership in front of your customer every time they search for you. Digital Advertising is the gold at the end of your Traditional Advertising Service rainbow.

This year as St. Patrick’s Day approaches, not just any green will do. Pull out the Lime green for results you can measure!

For more information on Naked Lime’s Traditional and Digital Advertising Services, visit or call 855.NKD.LIME (855.653.5463).