Small Site Changes for Big Lead Conversions

With so many factors that influence the effectiveness of your website – everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to Conversion Rates – how can you be sure you’re getting the most from your site?

One of the best ways to improve your site’s performance and generate sales is to focus on lead conversions. Lead conversion rates refer to how many customers visited your site with and without submitting a lead. For example, if 1,000 people visit your site today, but only two people submit a lead, then you have a very low lead conversion rate.

Following are a number of best practices for improving conversion rates and, in turn, improving the number of sales generated from your website:

Add a Quick Quote Form to Inventory Listings

One of the most successful methods of improving website leads is to allow customers to submit a request for a quick quote from your vehicle inventory pages. Use a “list page form button” with a short, appealing title and graphic to capture consumers’ attention and encourage them to take action.

Generating leads from inventory page

Limit Requirements and Fields

When setting up a lead form on your site, only include the necessary fields. Asking consumers for too much information will cause them to ignore your forms and, as a result, cause your dealership to lose out on sales opportunities. After all, a quick quote is no longer quick when customers have to enter 30 different fields of information. Keep in mind to “keep it short” when adding new web forms.

Being Different Is Good

To help your forms get noticed, they should stand out from other website content. But, resist the urge to use super-bright colors or kitschy graphics; instead, consider a simple color change or unique title to help draw attention to your forms.

Make It Visible

Make it easy for customers to find your forms on your website. Whenever possible, display the form so that customers will see it immediately without having to scroll down the page or navigating through a drop-down menu.

Home Page Forms

Having the right form, or link to a form, on the home page also will help you generate leads. For example, avoid using quick quote forms on the home page because typically consumers don’t yet have a reason to fill out that form. Instead, add more relevant options such as a credit application or service appointment form.

Keep It Clear

Appeal to the right audience at the right time by placing the right forms on each page of your site – lead forms on inventory pages, parts requests on the Parts department page, service appointment forms on the Service department page, and so on. Limiting the number of forms on a page also helps to avoid cluttering up the page and confusing consumers.

Use these tips to help you generate more leads – and more sales – from your website!

If you’re an existing Naked Lime customer and have questions about adding or removing website forms, please call our Web Support team at 855.NKD.LIME, option 2.