The Do’s And Don’ts of Facebook Marketing


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With nearly 700 million active users on Facebook, it’s no surprise that you and your dealership should be using Facebook as one of your marketing channels. But do you how much time should you spend on Facebook? What you should post? How often you should check your page? Let’s take a quick look at some of the Do’s and Don’ts of using Facebook for your business:


  • Invest Time: A recent study from the Social Media Examiner showed that marketers who spend 6 hours a week using social media, engaging and sharing content, saw 52% more leads than those who did not. Plan to spend no less than 1 hour each day on Facebook.
  • Engage With Your Fans: Check out some of the biggest Facebook pages, including your OEM page, to see how those companies are engaging with consumers. Customers are using Facebook pages because they want to talk to you. Sometimes they are posting because they had a bad experience; sometimes they are posting because they had a great experience and they want to tell everyone about you. Take time throughout your day to read and respond to all comments on your page.
  • Get a Little Controversial: This isn’t the place to let your personal views take over, but post some controversial statements or ask a debatable question. Maybe a vehicle model got a complete overhaul this year. Talk about it. Provide an opinion (good or bad) and let you fans decide. One of the most successful trends lately has been the posting of images that pose a question and ask fans to “Like if you agree” or “Comment if you disagree.”
  • Ask for Likes or Comments: You would be surprised how many more likes or comments a post will get when you simple ask. See the tip above for the perfect example.
  • Schedule Your Posts: This one is a fine line. Don’t schedule all your posts; that takes the personality out of it. But if you are going to be out on a major holiday or want something to go live at the stroke of midnight, use the built-in scheduler for Pages in Facebook or a service such as HootSuite to schedule your posts.


  • Be a One-trick Pony: We all have that friend that posts picture after picture of his or her kids – and that’s all the friend ever posts. It’s nice in the beginning, but then it gets overwhelming. Don’t let your page be just about your dealership or the OEM. Talk about current events, local happenings, or even the weather –just be sure to mix it up and change up the topics.
  • Take Long Absences: If you forget about Facebook, your Facebook fans will forget about you. Make sure someone is available to post and respond to fans when you go on vacation or have a busy week.
  • Ignore Your Fans: This is so important that it appears on both the do and don’t list. Social media is about engaging. Make sure to respond to comments, talk to fans, and make your page interactive.
  • Post Too Frequently: Facebook is more about interaction with others, and not as much about the amount of posts you make. Posting 3-5 times per week is plenty (unless you have a major event going on or something else that is really worth posting about). Make your posts and then spend the rest of your time interacting with fans.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts to help you build better relationships with consumers online and, ultimately, improve your business results.