3 Tips for Maximizing Your Video Marketing Strategy

If you stay on top of the digital marketing world (and I assume you do since you are reading this blog), I can guarantee you have seen more and more articles popping up about videos. Today’s shoppers would much rather watch a 90-second video than read even a paragraph of text, let alone an entire page. Videos have the ability to improve your site in search rankings, increase user engagement on your site, and increase leads. So how can you begin implementing a video marketing strategy or improve what you are already doing?

1.       Answer Customer Questions

You probably receive several calls or dealership visits a month from people having difficulty connecting their phone to the car’s Bluetooth hands-free system. Think about those processes and shoot quick, simple videos showing your customers how to do them. Sure, they could look in the manual, but people are more likely to ask someone first. Be their go-to expert and take tips and processes from the owner’s manual to create your own video version.

2.       Get Your Videos Noticed

Once you shoot the videos, how do you use them? You have several options:  upload them to YouTube, host them on your site, or host them on a third-party video platform. With more than 2 billion videos viewed every day, YouTube can be great as far as potential viewers, but it isn’t very good for getting traffic to your site. Most people will view the video and never click the link to your site. This is not to say you should abandon YouTube; just know that it’s not likely to  increase your website traffic and metrics. Instead, focus most of your efforts on hosting videos on your site. Putting videos on your site drives all the traffic to the site, which can lead to engagement and swifter answers to your calls to action.

Now the question becomes how to get your site noticed…

3.       Video Sitemaps

You may have noticed on Google that when video is mixed in to search results, video thumbnails are shown. You can get your videos to show up in this manner by creating and submitting a video sitemap through Google’s Webmaster tool. Creating a video sitemap tells Google exactly where to find videos, what they are about, and how they should be shown in the search results. In turn, this helps get your videos noticed and your site, too.

Videos can help you improve your site and your site’s Google ranking. Use these tips to get your videos out there so you can start driving more traffic to your site and converting that traffic to leads.

Expert tips to maximize video marketing strategy