Four Questions to Improve Your Social Media Strategy

If your social media manger is also your used car sales manager, F&I manager, cashier, or lot attendant, you aren’t alone. A Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey revealed that 65% of social media staffers do that job on top of their other responsibilities.

Managing your social media is a lot to take on. Writing press releases, blogs, customer newsletter articles, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, (pause for air) Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and whatever else falls in your Social Marketing strategy takes time and dedication.

Ask these questions to make the process more efficient:

Questions to improve social media strategy

  1. Who?
    Who is the Directly Responsible Individual (DRI) to handle your social media? Be sure they know what is expected of them and the goals you lay out so they have a goal to work towards.
  2. What?
    What platforms make the most sense for you to participate in and what are the goals you have for each? It can be to increase Facebook Likes, triple shares, reach 3000 YouTube views, etc. Also, determine what you will post about. If you are positioning yourself as a Honda dealer, you might consider posting recent news on Honda, new models, or specials you are running. However, you can also determine other topics such a community events or holiday posts you find acceptable.
  3. Why?
    Why are you doing this? Create a mission statement and stick to it. When you feel unsure of what to write or if you should post it, refer back to your mission foundation.
  4. How?
    How are you planning on reaching these goals? Lay out strategic plans, campaigns, or ideas of ways you can make your goals reality.

After consideration, if you feel like managing the dealership’s social media is too much for someone on your team to handle in addition to other duties, you can consider hiring a specialist to manage it for you.