Get More Value From Your Tweets

Want to make sure you are getting the most value out of your tweets? Ever wondered which word or phrase should get the hashtag (#), or how to shorten a lengthy important message to your followers? The answers are out there.

A recent study conducted by researchers at MIT and Georgia Tech allowed Twitter users to give feedback to accounts they follow in exchange for feedback on their account to get an idea of how users see the content. The study interpreted which tweets were valued more by readers and which tweets people found just plain boring and worthless.

Here is a breakdown of the results:

Three most-liked categories:

  • Questions to followers.
  • Information sharing.
  • Self-promotion (sharing links you have created).

On the other hand, the most disliked categories were:

  • Presence maintenance (“Hello, Twitter.”).
  • Conversations.
  • “Me now” (a person’s current status).

So, why are some tweets valued more by readers than others? The study dug a bit deeper and found reasons like repeating old news, using too many hashtags, and being cryptic as the main reasons for followers to overlook a tweet.

So how can you benefit from this research?

Twitter strategy for social media marketing

Keep It Short and Clean

You’re already restricted to 140 characters for tweets, so choose your words wisely. Grab your followers’ attention with just a few words, and they will be more inclined to pay more attention to your tweets. And keep the tweets clean. Adding too many “#” and “@” links can be overwhelming and drown your message.

Humor Adds Character

Twitter is full of information. News articles, industry forums, and company blogs are flooding the Twitter feed, and sometimes followers need a change of pace. Use a funny quote about your industry that others may relate to, or give your followers a little touch of your witty, random thoughts. Don’t be afraid to give your followers a little piece of your personality. They will appreciate it.

Don’t Be a Repeat Offender

When people are interested in a popular topic or involved in a particular industry, they tend to get overloaded with the same tweet when breaking news is happening. Don’t fall into this pit. If the information is important and you want to make sure your followers are seeing it, add a touch of “you” to the tweet. Include a blog link that you wrote about the topic or throw in a video link. Get creative. You can still get the same message across and stand out at the same time.

Get Them Involved

Are you always the one giving out the great advice to your followers? Try asking them for the answers.  This could be anything from a poll, opinions on a top automotive story, or advice on a new slogan. Again, be creative and get your followers more involved in the automotive industry without them even realizing it.

We all value our time, so give your followers something to notice and something of value when they are sifting through their feed.

The complete Twitter study can be found here: Who Gives a Tweet? Evaluating Microblog Content Value.

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