Touch-Friendly Website Design Tips from Naked Lime Web

It is predicted that within the next year, web traffic from mobile devices will overtake desktop traffic. What do most of today’s mobile devices have in common? Touch screens.

Touch screens are becoming a bigger and bigger part of website design, found on smart phones, tablets, and now touch-screen desktop computers. Of course you should offer your customers a mobile site when they are browsing with a mobile phone, but what about tablet users? Should you show them your mobile site? What about touch-screen laptops and desktops? You can’t possibly direct them to your mobile site. Your best option is to ensure that your desktop site is as touch-friendly as possible.

Making your site touch-friendly is fairly easy, but if you haven’t updated your site in quite some time, it will require planning and careful consideration. Follow these tips and your site will be ready for the touch world in no time.

website optimized for touch screen use

  1. Streamline your home page. Customers visiting your site on a 7.5-inch iPad don’t want to be bothered with you filling up your home page with dozens of buttons, links, logos, awards, and anything else you might think sets you apart. You should tout those things on your site, but take some time to streamline them. Rotate through several different award logos in a slideshow fashion, or pull out only what you truly think will help sell a customer on your dealership.
  2. Bigger buttons. On tablets especially, if you can make pages ultra-easy to get to, your customers will go to them. Make your inventory pages, specials pages, and location pages stand out with a few sizable buttons on the home page.
  3. Thick Navigation. In the world of touch, there is an increased margin of error over a cursor. By making your navigation a little thicker and the items more spaced out, you greatly minimize the margin of error, and make it easy for touch screen users to get to the pages they need.
  4. Easy-to-Read Inventory Details Pages. Just like on the home page, mobile users don’t want to be overwhelmed by inventory details and links right from the start. Make your inventory details pages easy to read and navigate. Make the photos stand out and the forms easy to click into.

Many web design firms are now planning ahead for the touch world and making sites that are touch-friendly out of the gate. Ask your provider what they have already that can meet your needs and put your dealership at your customers’ fingertips.